Re-ACTS CHURCH Capital Campaign

                                    Re-ACTS Church Campaign


As of 8-2-21 – $180,000+




                                                                       As of 9-15-2020


   As of 11-7-2020


At about $84000 at this point. Now working toward updating the church’s accessibility to broaden our ability to be a church available to all and to do some much needed repairs to a couple of rooms on the lower level and bolster our local ministry. Our work is not finished but we appreciate the support to date. Please contact the church office at 814-837-7120 if you are interested in helping in some way.


                                                  Work currently underway in the Sanctuary

Sanctuary after work has been completed
















The new audio-visual work was completed – TV screens and new sound system to improve the in person and online worship experience.

ReACTS 1  Capital Campaign Letter Page 1

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ReACTS 5  Capital Campaign Pledge Card


See Events page for information about  additional  ways to support this campaign.